Detailing Service in Bremerton

When we first purchase a car, it looks as clean as can be—and there’s not a scratch in sight. A vehicle can quickly lose its luster after a few excursions, though. Thankfully, Bremerton residents can always take their vehicle to Simply Clean Automotive. Offering the finest detailing services in the region, we clean engines, wash vehicles from bumper to bumper, and everything in between.

When you need to detail your car or motorcycle, we hope you think of us. Request our services by calling (360) 519-3762 today.

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Only the Best in Auto Detailing

At our shop, we take a hands-on approach to car washing. Rather than running your vehicle through an automated cleaning system, we use handheld equipment and manufacturer-approved cleaning products to eliminate the grit and grime that can diminish the look of your vehicle. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Exterior washing
  • Engine cleaning
  • Interior cleaning
  • Polishing and buffing
  • Sealing and waxes
  • Leather trimming
  • And more

Rest assured, no matter the state of your vehicle, we will make it look new again.

Fast Turnarounds

No one wants to be without their vehicle for too long. When you work with us, we make sure you never have to wait any longer than necessary. We’ll scrub every inch of your vehicle—from the engine to the exteriors—in a swift fashion.

Your vehicle has seen better days, it is true. Thankfully, you and your vehicle can see those better days once again. All you have to do? Contact our auto service center at your convenience. With our easy-to-schedule detailing services, we’ll be able to tend to your vehicle promptly. Call us today!

Cleaning Your Car to Perfection

When it comes to auto detailing services, there is more to our job than applying soap and water to the hood of your car. If necessary, we will clean both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. As expected, we will do so in a safe and efficient fashion.

Interior Detailing Services

The interior of your car sees just as much activity as the exterior. With so many of us spending hours in our vehicle each day, the little blemishes and stains can quickly add up—to say nothing of the crumbs from takeout containers that find their way into the cushions. Using vacuums, scrubs, brushes, and glass cleaners, we will make your vehicle shine.

Exterior Detailing Services

We’re old-fashioned about exterior auto detailing. Here, we conduct exterior car detailing by hand. We spray the vehicle with specialized products and wipe away the residue by hand, ensuring impeccable results. We’ll scrub the rims, wash the windows, and everything in between.

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When the time comes to spruce up your vehicle, we hope you think of us. At our facilities, we’ll make sure your car looks as good as new. Even better, we’ll make sure it drives wonderfully, too.

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